Lost Plants :-(

I came back from a lovely long weekend visiting with my family in Maine to find that I’d lost most of the new plants I added this spring!  While the weather was cool and pleasant on the coast of Maine, it was brutally hot here.  Even with the drip hoses zigzagging over the bed, it was just too much for them.  The south-facing street bed lost the two Trailing Arbutus (again!), the newly added Labrador Violets, the Shrubby Five-Finger (shown in the May what’s in bloom photos), and maybe the May Apple.  Who knows, some of these may return next year, one can always hope.

Note to self: time to get another soaker hose and zigzag more densely on this bed!

The fern and thick bunch of Waldenstenia that I’d added under the Dawn Redwood (admittedly a tough spot) also seem to be gone, though I’m watering them like crazy now, hoping they may not be totally lost.