Shooting Stars, the Star of My Spring Deck

The Shooting Stars (Dodacatheon amesthystinum) are spectacular this spring!  I planted
these on my deck in April, 2008 (purchased at New England Wildflower Society).  They’ve always produced one or two beautiful flowers, but this spring, there are eight or more flower stalks, with more flowers opening every day.

The plant sharing this container is American Ipecac (Porteranthus stipulatus) which grows up nicely as the Shooting Stars fade.  There’s also some Bee Balm in here, just appearing in the foreground. I love having perennials in the containers on my deck… just add spring!


Spring Wildflowers – Dodecatheon L.

Here’s another spring beauty: Dodecatheon L. I planted this in a container on our deck a couple of years ago, and marvel at its sudden appearance in the early spring (later in the summer, it will go dormant, so it’s easy to forget it’s there until the next April).