Moving the Japanese Maple

We finally moved the Japanese Maple, out of my own little patch of garden and into one of our common garden areas (I live in a cohousing community, where there are both individual and common gardens).  My husband loves Japanese Maples, so this is a little bit sad.

So why did we move it?  It was first planted here before I live in this townhouse, by the original owners.  But some time later, they added a blue spruce to the corner (there’s a story about that tree, but some other time).  The blue spruce has now taken over the corner, and the Japanese Maple, which had some afternoon sun and room to spread, now has neither.  I’ve been pruning it back every year, trying to make it fit into the increasingly small space, but it’s time to make a change.  Just in time, my gardening neighbors decided to move a beautiful viburnum bush from the middle of a partly sunny bed out in our front lawn area, leaving a nice spot for a small spreading tree.

It took us over two weeks to get the Japanese Maple to release its hold in this part of the earth – we went out and spaded around it every few days, slowly loosening it and separating it from the entangled roots in the area.  When we finally got it out and moved it over to its new home, I realized just how much smaller it is than a similar Japanese Maple planted in that area at about the same time, some 10 – 12 years ago.  Our tree is maybe one third the size of that tree – a sign that it really needs to be in a space with more room to grow.  I’m glad we moved it, as hard as it was.

Now it’s time to start re-arranging plants in my front sidewalk garden…


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