Reconnecting after the Drought

It’s been a rough few weeks for gardens in this part of the world…no rain, heat, no rain, heat. So many bugs…so many plants that haven’t flowered, or haven’t flowered much.  I’m discouraged, and not spending much time in my garden – an unusual pattern for me!

I spent some time cleaning up the driveway bed and weeded the d*mn Creeping  Bellfowers (again).  I think the Butterfly Weed I was waiting for emerged, but without flowers, it’s hard for me to be sure. Aargh.

While working in this area, I realized that the shade patterns have evolved again.  It used to get full afternoon sun, but now more and more of this area is covered by the Dawn Redwood, and the spruce keeps growing wider…so now the sun-loving plants in this bed aren’t doing very well, and I need to think about doing some rearranging – again.


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