I Like (Some) Weeds

Weeds grow up among the cracks in our sidewalks, along the edges of our driveway, in all the little odd bits of land we don’t tend, and, of course, in our gardens. I can’t take out all of the weeds, and truth be told, I really don’t want to.  I know some of them are horribly invasive, and are blocking out our natives from their toehold in the sidewalk –  or killing huge swaths of them out in larger wild areas.  But I’m sure some of these weeds are native to this region and support insects and birds, while others, even though they may offer little to the local ecosystem, at least help with the carbon dioxide/oxygen balance.

I wish there was a list of urban weeds that are native to the US northeast.  I’ve done some random searches, but haven’t turned up anything close to comprehensive.  Any suggestions?


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