Battling Ladybells

Last fall I decided it was time to rid my garden of Ladybells (Adenophora Liliifolia).  You can see my post about my first clearing out here.  They are lovely flowers, praised on many websites, but they are also invasive, spreading by both roots and seeds.  I pulled up all the ones I could find, dragging up the roots as much as possible.  But look what’s back this spring!

I knew I’d have a long fight to clear these out, but I am still discouraged by the number of new plants appearing.  I will wait until they get a bit bigger, and easier to pull out, and then will head out for another round of clearing.

I encourage myself by remembering that I have won a battle against another invasive – Creeping Jenny – which was all over this slope when I first started gardening here.  Diligent search and destroy weeding missions, over and over again, finally got it under control!


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